X Launcher Prime V1.1.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]


X Launcher Prime V1.1.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]

X Launcher Prime V1.0.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]

X Launcher Prime V1.1.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]

X Launcher Prime Full APK is based on the ios 11 design similar Phone X theme products. It is the best ios launcher. It can completely change the appearance X Launcher Prime APK and operation of your phone, giving you an unprecedented experience. We are also developing Ios11 notifications and message alerts, as well as the latest Face IDs, which will be merged in the near future.

X Launcher Prime Full APK

What’s New ?

  • Added Badges App Icon
  • Optimization settings page
  • Fix some bugs

X Launcher Prime Full APKFeatures

  • X Launcher Prime Full APK Remove the annoying ads, there will be no accidental disturbances, concentrate on immersion in what you have to do
  • X Launcher Prime APK The best IOS 11 control center, whether in the game or in the app, you can always open the control panel to set your music player, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, camera, flashlight, etc.
  • X Launcher Prime Full APKReal-time weather widget, you can quickly view the day and the next week’s weather. You can quickly see it by sliding it to the far left of the desktop, where you can switch regions and temperature units to your needs.
  • Hide apps, the most subtle way to open, you need to use the two fingers on the desktop to enlarge gestures to open it, and give X Launcher Prime APK him a password. You can rest assured that your most intimate app is hidden there
  • Ios Notify – In the new version of X Desktop, we have added a function similar to ios 11 notification, turn on the red dot tips in the settings, you can make your Facebook, Twitter and other social software can be turned on New information tips, do not worry about missing important information! X Launcher Prime Cracked APK
  • Quickly find recently visited applications, you can open all apps through the drop-down, he will recommend your recent app, or you can click on any one of the search box has similar IOS11 application recommendations X Launcher Prime Cracked APK
  • Cool 3D switching effects and live wallpaper, you just need to press the blank area on the desktop to discover them. Choose one of your favorite to experience it.
  • Thousands of beautiful wallpapers and themes that you can always replace! If you want to experience more of the new Phone X Wallpapers, X Launcher Prime Cracked APK go ahead and explore!


X Launcher Prime V1.0.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest] X Launcher Prime V1.0.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]

Download Link

X Launcher Prime V1.1.2 Cracked APK (8.3 MB) | Mirror

X Launcher Prime V1.1.2 Full Cracked APK [Latest]

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