Windows 10 RS4 1803.17134.254 Preactivated August v2 2018 [x86-x64]

Windows 10 RS4 1803.17134.254 Preactivated August v2 2018 [x86-x64]

Windows 10 RS4 1803.17134.254 Preactivated August v2 2018 [x86-x64]

Windows 10 iso is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have. So Why become late ? Get Windows 10 iso Final Build on your devices today ! Windows 10 iso


The Start menu evolves

  • The full-screen Start screen of Windows 8 is back to being a Start menu in Windows 10 that tries to combine the best of both options. You get a scrolling Start menu that’s restricted to a single column, with jump lists and flyout menus for extra options, divided into frequently used and recently installed programs, with the option to switch to a scrolling view of all your applications, sorted alphabetically. Windows 10 iso
  • But you also get an extra pane where you can pin Windows 8-style tiles, complete with ‘rotating 3D cube’ animations of live tiles. You can drag the Start menu to be a larger size or even set it to be full screen.

Cortana helps you with search and control

  • Cortana, the Windows Phone assistant, shows up in Windows 10 as a search pane on the taskbar, which you can also trigger by saying ‘Hey Cortana’ – and when you start searching the Start menu. That gets you apps you have installed, documents you have access to, apps you could install from the Store, search results from the web and a range of other information – including from apps and services that integrate with Cortana.
  • You can set reminders for different times and places that appear on other Cortana devices, so you can get your Microsoft Band to remind you to take the rubbish out as you walk up to your front door.

Task switcher

  • Most Windows users don’t know the Alt-Tab keyboard combination to see and switch between all running apps, so as well as having a redesigned task switcher with bigger thumbnails, Windows 10 also puts a task view icon in the taskbar to help them find it.

Taskbar gets subtle

  • The Cortana search bar and task switcher button take up a large chunk of the taskbar, which is also rather more subtle about showing you which icons are for open programs, with just an underlined bar rather than a full highlight.
  • The standard tools in the system tray all get updates to the new Windows 10 look, with a new menu showing available Wi-Fi, a new volume slider and a power monitor that also lets you change screen brightness.

Snap Assist

  • Because all your apps and programs run in windows on the desktop, instead of modern apps from the Store being in their own space, you can no longer drag across the left edge of the screen to bring another app on screen and get a split view. Instead, you drag windows into the corners of the screen to get the familiar Snap view.
  • You can now use all four corners of your screen if you want each window to take up a quarter of the screen instead of half, and the space that isn’t filled by the window you just dragged shows thumbnails of your other windows to make it easier to snap the next one into place.

Action Center

  • If you’ve used Windows Phone 8.1 (or Android and/or iOS), you’re used to a notification centre you can drag down from the top of the screen. Windows 10 puts that on the right of the screen, where the charms bar was in Windows 8, with notifications from various apps at the top and your choice of various settings buttons at the bottom for quick access.

The command prompt enters the 21st century


Windows 10 V1709 Build 16299.15 Official ISO + Activator [Updated] Windows 10 V1709 Build 16299.15 Official ISO + Activator [Updated]

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