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ShowCockpit is the next-generation show integration tool! By integrating features from the previous applications (MPCTools and GMA2Tools) and extending capabilities with further options, ShowCockpit comes as the perfect tool to control and integrate multiple show elements in real-time: audio, video and lighting!

What’s new?

  • Resolume Arena – Webserver
  • StreamDeckXL: solved crash on disable
  • Dot2: fix for invalid MA Dot2 Feedback data


  • Plug-in Based: Each driver provides an interface with a specific device or protocol. Check available drivers
  • Custom Mapping: Check out the Academy for examples, how-to’s, and tutorials on flexible mapping of controls (faders, buttons, encoders, etc.) to multiple functions.
  • Updates: RD/ShowCockpit is an active project with constant updates with additional drivers and features.



Download Link

ShowCockpit Pro 4.6.0 Full Version Rar (35.3 MB) | Mirror


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