Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version [Latest]

Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version [Latest]

Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version [Latest]

Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version

Parted Magic is a commercial Linux-based operating system that allows users to effortlessly partition hard disk drives (HDD), solid disk drives (SSD) and USB flash drives.

What’s New ?

  • bleachbit/bleachbit-1.12-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • btrfs-progs/btrfs-progs-v4.9-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • kernel-firmware/kernel-firmware-20170106git-noarch-1.txz: Upgraded.
  • libpng/libpng-1.6.27-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • linux/linux-4.9.1: Upgraded.
  • linux/spl-solaris/spl-solaris-0.7.0-git12172016_4.9.1-pmagic-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • linux/zfs-on-linux/zfs-on-linux-0.7.0-git12172016_4.9.1-pmagic-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/mesa/mesa-13.0.3-i586-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-video-intel/xf86-video-intel-git_20161117_169c74fa-i586-2_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.


  • Disk Partitioning PartedMagic has the tools to get the job done. With the Partition Editor you can re-size, copy, and move partitions. You can grow or shrink your C: drive. Create space for new operating systems. Attempt data rescue from lost partitions.
  • Disk Cloning Clone a computer’s entire disk or a single partition. The cloned data could be saved as an image-file or as a duplicated copy of the data. The data could then be saved to a locally attached storage device, an SSH server, a Samba Server, or a Network File System share. The clone file can then be used to restore the original when needed.
  • Data Rescue PartedMagic allows you to easily reset or change Windows passwords. Recover lost files. Rescue files from devices with disk read errors.
  • Disk Erasing PartedMagic comes with easy to use solutions for conventional overwrite. Internal Secure Erase. Wiping of only Free Space.
  • Benchmarking All the benchmarking tools you would ever need! Bonnie++, IOzone, Hard Info, System Stability Tester, mprime, and stress.


Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version [Latest]

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Parted Magic 2017.01.08 Crack Full Version [Latest]
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