MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version

Unlike photos, movies demand more work when it comes to editing their characteristics and enhancing their quality. In addition, making movies from your own video clips can prove to be even more challenging, especially if you need to add effects or include credits and transitions.

What’s New ?

  • Optimized video engine: higher performance & video quality thanks to 16-bit color processing
  • 10-bit HEVC video import, processing/editing
  • Easy wireless media transfer with Send Anywhere
  • 9 new intros & outros


Add a wide variety of video effects and enhancements

  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium is an application designed to comprise almost everything you would need in order to create professional-looking movies, complete with color correction plugins, special effects, transitions and audio editing tools. Furthermore, it also supports 4K resolutions and a wide variety of both input and output formats, including AVI, MP4 and MPG.
  • As far as the effects you can use are concerned, they range from basic blur and contrast modifications, all the way to various kind of distorsions and filters that can be applied on top of your video. You can also perform  scene stabilization operations and modify the Stereo3D properties, as well as import new effects from external templates, in case you are not satisfied with the provided options.

Create titles and transitions

  • In order to add a true movie feeling to your clips, you can add sleek titles and transitions between scenes. Thus, whether you want to list the actors at the beginning of the movie, or display extensive credits at the end, the available titles come in a wide array of animations, all of which can be edited according to your own preferences.
  • The transitions, on the other hand, are used for scene changes, or to separate different movie chapters from each other. Among the available categories, you can choose between standard, spatial or 3D stereo fades and they can be previewed before selecting the one you enjoy the most. Scenes can be also detected automatically, by running the recognition utility on the desired clip and saving each one as a separate take inside the timeline.

A professional movie marker

  • All in all, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium offers everything you could ever need in order to create and edit your own, professional-looking movies. In addition, it also features support for many new, cutting-edge technologies, including 4K resolutions and the AVCHD progressive video standards in 50 frames per second, used for multiple screens.
  • Hence, although the user interface can be a bit confusing at the first glance, it becomes rather simple to use after a little practice, since most of the functions are intuitively placed and they are very well explained.

Premium Extras:

  • NEW! Mercalli V4 image stabilization
  • NEW! NewBlue ActionCam Package

Operation & Tools:

  • User Interface – ideal for large screens or small monitors
  • 360° editing
  • Practical snap markers
  • Import Wizard
  • Multimedia tracks
  • Universal timeline
  • Cut mode selection
  • Fisheye correction
  • Multicam editing for 4 cameras
  • Movie Wizard
  • Proxy video editing
  • Intelligent mouse mode
  • Wireless project transfer
  • Toolbar – many useful mouse modes that can be selected with a single click.
  • Improved object editing
  • Video monitor zoom feature
  • Quick access feature
  • Record screen contents

Performance & Formats:

  • NEW! Comprehensive action cam support
  • NEW! Hardware-accelerated decoding (H.264)
  • NEW! HEVC/H.265* support
  • 64-bit support
  • Video formats & sources
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Edit XAVC S video files
  • Analyze PC performance

Effect & Menu Design:

  • NEW! Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology
  • NEW! Modern title templates
  • INCLUDED! NewBlue Titler EX
  • NEW! Improved object tracking
  • NEW! Beat-based editing
  • NEW! Stylish effect transitions
  • Effects, transitions & templates
  • Chroma key effects
  • HDR Effects
  • Effect control
  • Apply effects to image areas
  • Transitions with sound
  • Dynamic slow motion effects
  • Primary color correction
  • Secondary color correction
  • Travel route animations
  • Stereo 3D editing
  • Menu templates
  • Title Editor

Audio editing:

  • Music Editor 3.0
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Automatic loudness adjustment

Media output:

  • Export Wizard
  • Transfer to mobile devices
  • Burn movies to disc
  • Share videos on Facebook
  • Upload to YouTube & Vimeo
  • Export to SD cards
  • showfy – easy, private and secure


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version


  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 768
  • Hard drive space: 2 GB for program installation
  • Red/cyan glasses required for anaglyph 3D display
  • A special monitor is needed for viewing with polarized filter glasses
  • A 120 Hz monitor or a projector, as well as compatible shutter glasses and graphics card, are required for shutter playback

Download Link

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Full Version Rar (632.6 MB) | Mirror

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018 V17.0.1.141 Crack Full Version
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