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AI-driven creative image editor. A creative image editor to bring your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by AI technologies of the future that simplifies complex editing routines and enables creators to bring their boldest ideas to life. And enjoy it.

What’s new?

  • Sync your adjustments easily in the Catalog tab with Copy and Paste functionality
  • Use Image Transform to scale or transform your image, or manually adjust perspective distortion
  • Work with images in PNG format with alpha (transparency) in Layers
  • Enjoy a faster frame rate while using the drag slider on any effects
  • Add both folders and individual files using Add Photos
  • Switch the language for the app interface to Ukrainian


  • Control the light in 3D space with RelightAI: Relight backlit photos or darkened images in a click with the RelightAI feature. Luminar Neo calculates the depth of a photo and creates a 3D map, making it possible to spread light naturally in 3D space across a 2D image. You can also relight the background and foreground separately — meaning you can darken parts of the image as well
  • Unleash your creativity with Layers and AI Masking: Use both MaskAI and Layers for limitless creativity. Maske automates the masking process by identifying objects in the image and creating precise masks. You can always manually refine those masks with a brush if you choose to. Layers open up a whole new level of creative expression, with endless possibilities for adding objects, textures, watermarks, and any other graphics to your images.
  • Speed up your editing workflow with our new fast core engine: It’s based on unique technologies developed by Skylum and works on a module system, which means that different parts of the application can now be optimized separately for the best results. Thanks to the independent modules engine, Luminar Neo will be updated more frequently. Luminar Neo has a more flexible editing process, which means less memory is required to edit photos.
  • Explore creativity with an effortless layers workflow: Discover a collection of textures, overlays, and visual effects to add creativity to an image and personalize it. This addition unlocks new creative options for compositing images and visuals to create a custom style. You can add an infinite number of Layers, move Layers on top of each other, use blending modes and masking modes, make collages, add double exposure effects, and do more on each layer.


Luminar Neo

Download Link

Luminar Neo 1.0.6 (9611) Full Version Rar (881.9 MB) | Mirror


Luminar Neo 1.0.6 (11532) Mac Full Version Dmg (4.1 GB) | Mirror


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