JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version


JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version

JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version

JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version

TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for all Windows versions and client/server versions currently supported by Microsoft. Native 64 Bit support makes sure that available memory will never pose a restriction – not even on the largest systems. More than 87,000 customers trust TreeSize.Whats New ?

  • It is now possible to scan mobile phones, WebDAV servers (including SharePoint) or FTP servers etc. which are listed in the Windows Explorer under “This PC”.
  • A report can now be exported as PDF file. Like the HTML report, the PDF reports can include the various charts that TreeSize offers.
  • Excel reports and printed reports can be configured to include the various charts that TreeSize offers (like the HTML reports).
  • Multiple exports can be started and will run simultaneously, each export in its own thread. The exports will even continue to run if a scan is removed from the TreeSize user interface or TreeSize is closed.
  • All lists in TreeSize can now be exported to PDF format.
  • The portable installation is no longer an option in the installer. Users can now create a portable installation directly in the main window at any time. (Professional edition only)
  • The Personal Edition is now available as 64Bit edition as well.
  • On the “History” tab, a line showing the average trend and a line for the total disk space can be enabled.
  • When zooming into the history line chart, only the x-axis is zoomed. This way data points located very close to each other can easily be distinguished.
  • A print preview has been added; users can select which pages shall be printed.
  • The size data from a snapshot comparison is now added as data point to the History chart.
  • A scan of, or a search in the entire network, e.g. using \\*, is now possible without activated NetBios.
  • The summarized size of all selected file types on the tab “Extensions” and of all selected users on the tab “Users” is now displayed in the status bar.
  • The overview toolbar now has an option in its context menu enabling users to define if it should wrap around or truncate the shown information in case it does not fit.
  • The new command line option /EMPTYRECYCLEBIN allows to clear the recycle bin.
  • File search: Searches in file content can now be performed case-insensitive.
  • File Search: In the content of many non-text files (e.g. PDF- or Office-files) the search string will be found more reliable and faster.
  • File Search: The performance of the Custom Search when searching by file content has been remarkably increased when additional filters are used that exclude files e.g. by their date or file extension.
  • More…….


  • Efficient Disk Space Management from all perspectives
    • See the size of all folders including their subfolders and break it down to the file level.
    • Visualize disk usage in the pie or bar chart.
    • Tree maps visualize hierarchies and sizes of subfolders in the selected directory.
    • Detailed view with single files and additional information (e.g. date of last access).
    • Statistics about file types and file owners for every branch.
    • Filter the file system tree on the left by a certain user or file type.
    • See a list of the 100 largest files.
    • Distribution of occupied disk space by file age.
    • Scan FTP, WebDAV, and SharePoint servers.
    • Disk Space Management on smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Versatile File Search
    • Integrated file search.
    • Fully customizable file search.
    • Archive, copy, or move the results of the TreeSize File Search, for instance lar, old, or temporary files or files of a certain type.
    • Search multiple drives, whole servers and even your entire network neighborhood.
    • Search results can be exported, moved, deleted or passed to any executable file or script.
    • TreeSize offers a powerful duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums. TreeSize also enables you to easily deduplicate files using hardlinks.
  • Exporting and Reporting
    • TreeSize enables you to export scan results (showing the directory structure) to many different formats such as Excel, XML, HTML, text/CSV file, clipboard, or email.
    • Export a list of all files in the scanned folder and its subfolders, for example for use in a database.
  • Track Growth
    • Save the data to an XML file and load it again later.
    • See which folders have grown: Compare a saved XML file to a current version of the file system branch, TreeSize Professional displays the difference between the two scans.
    • Take snapshots of the current state of disk space usage and compare them with snapshots Windows takes automatically.
  • Customized Analyses & Views
    • Configure displayed columns for the details view, Excel export, text file and printed reports.
    • Include and exclude certain files or folders in your scans.
  • Scheduled Scans
    • Command line options allow automatic and scheduled scans of your hard disk (e.g. overnight) and generating reports.
    • Comfortable interface simplifies creation and editing of scheduled scans and exports as Windows tasks.
  • High Performance thanks to Multithreading
    • Browse the results during scanning.
    • Scan and view several folders at the same time.
    • Automatic adjustment of the number of threads that are used for a scan.
  • Full NTFS Support
    • Unicode file and folder names are supported.
    • File based NTFS compression.
    • Hardlinks and Alternate Data Streams (ADS).
    • File paths longer than 255 characters will be found and processed correctly.
    • Analyse NTFS permissions.
  • Perfect Integration with the Windows Explorer
    • Explorer context menu supported inside the TreeSize window.
    • TreeSize Professional can be started from within the Windows Explorer.
    • Drag and Drop is enabled.
    • On a Windows Core Server TreeSize can serve as a graphical user interface.
  • Full Network Support
    • TreeSize Professional offers full support for network drives and scans UNC paths like Servershare.



JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version

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JAM Software TreeSize Professional Crack Full Version

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