iExplorer 4.2.2 Serial Key Full Version [Latest]

iExplorer 4.2.2 Serial Key Full Version [Latest]

iExplorer 4.2.2 Serial Key Full Version [Latest]

iExplorer Serial Key is the ultimate iPhone, iPad and iPod manager, it lets you easily transfer music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC computer and iTunes. You can search for and preview particular songs then copy them to iTunes with the touch of a button or with drag and drop. iExplorer Serial Key

iExplorer Serial KeyLooking to transfer more than just a few tracks? With one click, iExplorer lets you instantly rebuild entire playlists or use the Auto Transfer feature and copy everything from your device to iTunes. You can also save your SMSs, browse your photos, view and edit your device files, mount your iOS device to your file system and more. iExplorer Serial Key

What’s New ?

  • Improved experience when loading and decrypting password-protected backups.
  • Fixes issue that could prevent the backup name from displaying.
  • Fixes issue that caused messages to show incorrect time
  • Fixes issue that prevented some books from loading or exporting
  • Adds support for previewing audio and video without QuickTime


  • Modify files & folders on iPhone. Create, delete and rename files and folders on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Works with all iPhones & more. Works with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads including the iPhone 5. Every firmware from version 2.0 to version 5 or later should work so you won’t even need to update your device.
  • E-mail, SMS, voicemail, address book access! (Optional) If you jailbreak your iPhone you can access the real root of your iPhone and recover your address book, SMS, e-mails and more.
  • USB iPhone Disk Mode (Use an iPhone as a Thumb or Pen Drive). Allows you to use your iPhone as a flash drive / pen drive or put your iPhone into disk mode
  • View Pictures and Photos. If you’ve taken pictures with your iPhone’s camera and want to view them without using any of Apple’s software, iPhone Explorer lets you preview and transfer all image files directly from the device.
  • Drag and Drop Interface. Copy files to and from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch using a simple drag and drop interface.


iExplorer 4.2.2 Serial Key Full Version [Latest] iExplorer 4.2.2 Serial Key Full Version [Latest]

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iExplorer 4.2.2 Full Version Rar (32.6 MB) | Mirror

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