DomiNations V3.5.350 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

DomiNations V3.5.350 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

DomiNations V3.5.350 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

DomiNations is an epic combat strategy game of advancement, exploration, and conquest from legendary game designer Brian Reynolds. Choose your Nation from among the greatest civilizations of the world, and lead it to ultimate victory throughout all of human history – from the Stone Age to the Space Age! Build a capital city, train your army and dominate rival Alliances to become the most powerful ruler on the planet!

What’s New ?

  • Victory Chest
  • Battle daily, earn stars, get a BIG HUGE chest of rewards!
  • Library Techs, Missile Battery and a new General!
  • Winston Churchill joins the Castle as a new General starting in Global Age!
  • Research a 5th chapter of each Library Tech!
  • Defend your base against enemy planes with the new Trap: the Missile Battery!
  • Check out the full list of improvements on the forums!


  • GREAT LEADERS!: At the new University, consult Leonardo Da Vinci, Catherine the Great, King Sejong and other historic thought leaders to strengthen your Nation!
  • BRAND NEW EVENTS!: Accomplish fun limited-time goals based on actual events from history and collect rare rewards to help your Nation advance!
  • FROM THE STONE AGE TO THE SPACE AGE: In DomiNations, lead a village of early hunters and gatherers on their conquest through the ages from the dawn of civilization to the modern era. It’s up to you to design a small town and grow it into a thriving metropolis. Build historic Wonders of the World, including famous landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Colosseum. Tackle historic battle campaigns to collect important resources and upgrade your city as you advance through history!
  • CHOOSE YOUR NATION AND LEAD AN ARMY: Take charge of one of 8 fearsome Nations on its journey through time. Choose from the Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Greeks. Each Nation has a special strength empowering you to build unique units who fight to advance your city, like longbowmen, vandals, and the mighty samurai!
  • DISCOVER NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Research new materials, invent advanced weaponry, and develop trade to grow a bustling economy. Through scientific discovery, strengthen your troops with better equipment, upgrade your buildings and town center with modern materials, and bolster your defenses as you grow stronger. Legendary game designer Brian Reynolds brings history to life in every era as key advancements from each period in history will help you progress your epic civilization!
  • FORM AN ALLIANCE AND WAGE WORLD WAR: Put your powerful Nation to the ultimate test in PvP combat and raid your enemies’ cities for huge bunches of loot! Fight for crucial resources, untold wealth, and total domination. Team up with other skilled rulers and forge an unstoppable Alliance. Unleash the full force of your armies to outwit and outlast your opponents in 50-on-50 Alliance warfare to conquer the globe in World War. Triumph and take home the spoils of war!

MOD Features

  1. XignCode3 ByPassed
  2. All 66 Archivments Complete – 8k crowns for FREE
  3. Hunt an animal and you’ll get 9879876 Gold – It don’t work with crowns
  4. Hunt an animal and you’ll get 9879876 Food – It don’t work with crowns
  5. Hunt consume only 1 citizen
  6. Gather Food from Trees and you’ll get 9879876 Food
  7. Only 1 citizen needed
  8. Trees regen time set to 8 seconds
  9. Gather Gold from Mines and you’ll get 9879876 Gold
  10. Only 1 citizen needed
  11. Mines regen time set to 8 seconds
  12. FreeUpgrades – you can upgrade a building even if you don’t have food , gold or oil
  13. InstaBuild / InstaUpgrade – build/upgrade time reduced to 0
  14. Troops train cost is 0 [food]
  15. Speed up cost ( troops training ) is 0 crowns
  16. Troops , Tactics , Generals , Factory & Aircraft upgrade speed up cost is 0 crowns you’ll need just food gold or oil
  17. WonderBonus Increased
  18. Blessing bonus increased
    • Removed Spell CD&Radius
    • Removed “All Quests Complete” , Server checks
    • Removed General CD





DomiNations V3.5.350 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL] DomiNations V3.5.350 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

How To Install ?

  1. Install Google Play Version —> 3.5.350
  2. Open the game , LogIn with your Google Play Account , ensure that your’re logged in – just tap archivments tab ( tap on the 3 gold starts in game )
  3. Close Clean APK or Play Store Version and Download Modded APK
  4. Modded APK is inside a .zip file , just extract it
  5. Install Lucky Patcher , give him root permissions and go to toolbox –> scroll down until you find “Patch to Android” –> tap it and check the first 2 boxes –>Patch it
  6. Now , install Modded APK over Clean APK or Play Store Version
  7. Open the game and have fun xD

Need Root

Download Link

DomiNations V3.5.350 Mod APK (36.4 MB) | Mirror

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