DiskBoss Ultimate 7.2.18 Patch Full Version [Latest]

DiskBoss Ultimate 7.2.18 Patch Full Version [Latest]

DiskBoss Ultimate 7.2.18 Patch Full Version [Latest]

DiskBoss is an advanced file and disk management solution allowing one to search and classify files, perform disk space utilization analysis, detect and remove duplicate files, organize files according to user-defined rules and policies, copy large amounts of files in a fault-tolerant way, synchronize disks and directories, cleanup wasted disk space and much more.

What’s New ?

  • Adds the ability to search files by hours, minutes and seconds
  • Improves disk space analysis operations
  • Improves file classification operations
  • Improves duplicate files search operations
  • Improves support for UNICODE file names
  • Improves support for long file names
  • Fixes a number of bugs


  • Disk Space Analyzer: DiskBoss includes a built-in disk space analyzer capable of scanning local disks, network shares and NAS storage devices, analyzing disk space utilization and showing directories consuming most of the disk space and displaying what types of files are located in these directories. Moreover, DiskBoss Ultimate allows one to send e-mail notifications, execute file management operations and/or custom commands when one or more user-specified disk space analysis conditions are met.
  • Disk Space Usage Pie Charts: Pie charts are available for disk space utilization analysis, file classification and duplicate file detection operations. Depending on the current operation and the selected mode, the pie chart dialog allows one to display the amount of used disk space per directory, the amount of used disk space per file class or category, the number of files per directory and the amount of files per file class or category.
  • File Classification: DiskBoss allows one classify one or more disks or directories using multiple file classification plugins capable of recognizing more than 2,500 file types. In addition, DiskBoss Ultimate provides the ability to write custom file classification plugins using a simple, XML-based format and physically reorganize files on the disk according to the file hierarchy defined in a standard or user-custom file classification plugin.


DiskBoss Ultimate 7.2.18 Patch Full Version [Latest]

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