Directory List and Print Pro 3.61 with Crack [New! Update]

Directory List and Print Pro 3.61 with Crack [New! Update]

Directory List and Print Pro CrackDirectory Lister Pro allows you to list files or print folders, that is to create and then save, print or send via e-mail list of files from selected folders on hard disks, cd-rooms, DVD-rooms, floppys, USB storages, and network shares.

What’s new?

  • Output the list as a comma- or semicolon-delimited CSV file.
  • Display detailed information for SWF video format.
  • Display detailed information for CDA Compact Disc Audio format.
  • Display detailed information for DSF Digital Stream Files with ID3 tags.
  • Improved display of duration for MP3 files with variable bit rate and no meta information.
  • Additional display of personal rating for audio files.


  • When you print a file list, you can include standard file information like file name, extension, type, owner and attributes as well as executable file information (EXE, DLL, OCX) like file version, description, company.
  • Also, multimedia properties (MP3, AVI, WAV, JPG, GIF, BMP) like track, title, artist, album, genre, video format, bits per pixel, frames per second, audio format, bits per channel can be listed.
  • Another set of columns you can print is for Microsoft Office files (DOC, XLS, PPT) so you can see document title, author, keywords etc. without opening these files one after another.
  • For each file and folder, it is also possible to obtain its CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, and Whirlpool hash number so you can verify the file has not been modified.
  • An extensive number of options allows you to completely customize the visual look of the output. You can set sorting for files and folders so they are always displayed as you want. You can define column order so the most important columns are immediately visible. International display format options allow you to adjust the output for your local needs. The listing can contain links to actual files and directories so you are able to put the listing on a web page with clickable contents.
  • HTML display style is fully customized — you can change the background color, separate style for the header, directory rows, odd and even file rows and for surrounding frame.
  • You can limit the files list by applying a filter for filename, date, size or attributes.
  • Directory Lister Pro can also be integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer so you don’t even need to open the application to generate listings.
  • Command line interface is supported for automated listings that can be run from Windows Task Scheduler.


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Directory List and Print Pro 3.61 with Crack [New! Update]

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