Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

Battery Saver Pro – Power Doctor is a powerful & simple Android Battery Saver & Power Manager. Functions include : (1) One-tap battery optimizer (2) Deep sleep mode (3) App consumption tracker (4) Activity remaining time estimator (5) Widget. Use Battery Saver – Power Doctor – properly to save battery power up to 2x-4x more!

Results on saving may vary. The numbers 2x-4x on the screenshot, app detail is a result of our various tests and we believe we can deliver good result to you as well, but the battery length is affected by many factors such as screen size, running applications, usage in years etc. Please contact us if you don’t feel the difference, we’ll look in to it.

What’s New ?

  • Power Boost Bug Fix
  • Improved menu to Optimize User Experience
  • Design Adjustment & Minor Bug Fix
  • New Notification Widget Available & UI Adjustment


  • One-tap Battery Optimizer: With one-tap, the app closes background running apps and recommends you functions to turn off in order to save more. This function serves as memory cleaner/booster as well to speed up your android phone along with saving battery power. Optimizer will also indicate you how many hours you have / can save from phone draining.
  • Deep Sleep Mode: Even you are not using the phone, lots of activities are going on that will drain your battery life. Deep Sleep Mode is set to solve this problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync while the phone is not in use. Various modes are available for your convenience. While not using your phone, set your “Sleep Mode” to save time!
  • App Consumption Tracker / Uninstaller: Battery Saver – Power Doctor – tracks application usage and shows you which app drains the most. Choose the app that drains the battery the most and Uninstall/or/Force Stop to save Android time!
  • Remaining Time Tracker: Indicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime, Game, Standby, AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, and Reading. Also shows life level in percent (%) at status bar.
  • Power Doctor Widget: Access and turn on/off various functions from Home screen Widget.


Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest] Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

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Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK (8.6 MB) | Mirror

Battery Saver Pro V3.6.3 Cracked APK [Paid] [Latest]

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