AVG Cleaner Pro v4.10.1 Cracked APK [Full Unlocked]


AVG Cleaner Pro v4.10.1 Cracked APK [Full Unlocked]

AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Cracked, your Android device will run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and stay charged for longer. AVG Cleaner Premium APK Full is a smart device manager & optimization tool already installed by almost 50 million people.

Clean your phone to free up storage space, help it run smoother and faster, and boost its speed and performance. Eliminate junk, delete bad quality, similar or duplicate photos to make more storage space available for the apps, photos, and other stuff you want

What’s New ?

  • Smart tips: The more you interact with cleaning and performance boosting tips, the better the results for you.
  • Hidden cache on Oreo: A unique feature – Now you can clean so much more junk on Oreo devices
  • Improved automatic cleaning: Schedule this Pro feature to take care of empty folders and clipboard

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Cracked


  • Easier to use: Our new design makes cleaning even faster, Just click the “Analyze” button for a simple, AVG Cleaner Pro APK one-page summary of hidden junk, bad photos, battery-sapping apps, and more. From there, cleaning things up is a snap!
  • Clean up your photos: Automatically find your bad & similar pics. Quickly see which of your photos are bad, blurry, poorly lit, or nearly identical. Then delete as many as you’d like to tidy up your gallery and save space. If AVG Cleaner Pro APK Cracked isn’t sure about some photos, it will ask you to review them. And the best part? The more you use it, the more it learns, and the better future scans will be.
  • Free up space: for more of the apps & media you love. Quickly remove hidden clutter, unused apps, calling history, your largest files, and more to free up space for even more of the apps, photos, and music you love most.
  • Extend battery life: to help get through the day on one charge. Turn off your phone’s more battery-hungry features with a single tap, or go PRO to have your phone automatically switch on or off settings as needed.
  • Stop resource hogs: Quickly see all of your out-of-control apps. Easily see which apps are draining your battery, storage, and mobile data the most. Then decide which are worth keeping, and tap to remove the rest.
  • Set & forget: Auto Clean Reminders will do the rest. Just turn on Auto Clean Reminders, and AVG Cleaner Premium APK will automatically find the clutter for you and let you clean it from a simple reminder in the notification panel of your phone or tablet. It’s that easy.

AVG Cleaner Premiun APK

Cleaner: Advanced app remover & app manager:

  • Remove preinstalled apps: Do you have pre-installed bloatware apps you don’t need? We can prevent them from slowing down your device
  • App analyzer: AVG Cleaner can identify apps that consume your battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily
  • App remover: AVG Cleaner Pro APK Full Easily remove apps that slow down your device
  • Easily analyze apps based on storage, ram, battery, data consumption or usage

Cleaner: Photo Analyzer:

  • Fast and easy photo gallery optimization
  • AVG Cleaner Pro APK can Find bad quality or duplicate photos
  • Our ‘swipe left to delete, swipe right to keep’ feature helps you decide if you want to remove or keep the identified photos

Cleaner: Battery Saver & Optimizer:

  • App hibernation: AVG Cleaner Premium APK have Hibernating apps help you prolong battery life and keep your device running faster for longer
  • Battery Profiles & Optimization: choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work”, and “Car” profiles, or set up your own to automatically adjust your battery usage how you want (30-day FREE trial)

Cleaner: 1-tap Analysis and Optimization:

  • Clean your device with a single tap of a button
  • Perform device scan and analysis with just one tap

Pro Features

  • PRO features Unlocked.
  • Ads Removed.
  • AVG Cleaner Pro APK
  • Analytics disabled.
  • All ads and services calls from Activity removed.
  • Graphics optimized by Zipalign.


AVG Cleaner Pro APK AVG Cleaner Pro APK

Download Link

AVG Cleaner Pro v4.10.1 Cracked APK (23.2 MB) | Mirror

AVG Cleaner Pro v4.10.1 Cracked APK [Full Unlocked]


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