Asphalt 9: Legends v1.5.4 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

Asphalt 9: Legends MOD APK

Asphalt 9: Legends MOD APK features a top roster of real hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. You’re free to pick the dream car you need and race across spectacular locations against rival speed machines around the world. Hit the fast track and leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the Track!

What’s new?

  • This is the first time anyone has gotten to see and feel what this speedster can do.
  • Join the event now to earn the Blueprints needed to unlock it & an exclusive decal for you and your Clubmates!


  • A CONSOLE EXPERIENCE IN THE PALMS OF YOUR HANDS: Immerse yourself in this hyper-realistic arcade racing game, with meticulously detailed real cars, HDR techniques and stunning visual and particle effects that turn every race into a real blockbuster movie.
  • THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS CARS: Collect over 50 of the world’s most amazing speed machines. Each vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and high performance to create the most desirable line-up of any Asphalt game to date.
  • CUSTOMISATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Use the new car editor to define the exact color and materials for your car. You can also pick the color of the Rims and Brake Calipers and add carbon parts to fully customize your rides.
  • A BLAST OF ARCADE FUN: Charge your nitro to unleash the ultimate Nitro Pulse and break the sound barrier. Double-tap on the brake to do a 360° at any time and take down your opponents in style.
  • BECOME A LEGEND: Start your journey in Career mode by completing over 60 seasons and 800 races. Become a real Asphalt legend by racing against up to 7 players in real time through the different leagues of the World Series Multiplayer mode.
  • STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: For the first time in the Asphalt series, you can create your own community of like-minded racers with the Club feature. Collaborate with your Club members to unlock Milestone rewards and rise up the ranks of the Club leaderboard.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES: This app requires an iPad mini 2 (or newer) or an iPhone 5s (or newer). A network connection is required to play.

MOD Features

  • Speed Hack (the car is much faster)
  • Ghost Mode Always On (you can not be destroyed when you hit walls or other cars) The ghost is not visible to others. Check with a friend or a member of the race club and they will be fine.
  • No AI in racing competitions
  • No AI in career mode
  • Unlimited nitro (when you drift a bit, the nitrometer will be completely full)
  • Drift radius cracked (more control over the car while you drift)

How to fix Invalid License?


Asphalt 9: Legends MOD APK Asphalt 9: Legends MOD APK

How to install?

  1. Install the official game from the market then launch the game, finish the quick tutorial then exit the game
  2. Go to Obb folder and rename the game folder (simply add a letter or two)
  3. Uninstall the game
  4. Install the modded APK from this thread
  5. Go to Obb folder and rename the game folder (remove the additional letter you add earlier)

How to remove the license error? Can I use the wrong cache? Took from here

  1. First, return the cache, then install the game! (APK)

How to connect to Facebook?

  1. Remove the Facebook app and connect. Google mode fashion does not work.

Download Link (26.9 MB)



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