Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 Crack Full Version [License Key]

Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 Crack Full Version [License Key]

Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 Crack Full Version [License Key]

Ashampoo HDD Control License Key provides an early warning system against imminent hard disk failure. This gives users time to back up precious files before a crash occurs. The program also analyzes S.M.A.R.T. data provided by modern hard disks to detect potential errors. The integrated history view allows Ashampoo HDD Control Crack users to predict future developments and take precautionary measures. Users can either view individual parameters such as temperature curves or the number of defective sectors or inspect the total running times of their drives, e.g. to locate potential overheating issues.

Ashampoo HDD Control License Key

Ashampoo HDD Control Serial Key Aside from monitoring the health states of your hard disks, the program also comes with various tools to maintain and declutter your drives. Finding and removing resource hogs and no longer needed files is fast and easy. Accidentally deleted files can be recovered with Undeleter, FileWiper helps users permanently erase sensitive data and Defrag optimizes hard disks for maximum performance and speed. Ashampoo HDD Control Crack

What’s New ?

  • Network monitoring for up to 3 PCs – NEW
  • Automatic email notification – IMPROVED
  • Detailed technical information on your hard disks – IMPROVED
  • Compare benchmark results online – IMPROVED


Basic functions:

  • Information on serial numbers, firmware, cache, bad sectors on your hard disk(s)
  • Background guard continuously monitors status, performance and temperature
  • In-depth explanations and information on context-sensitive help
  • Displays all current SMART files with detailed explanations
  • Able to export reports for support purposes
  • Fully configurable temperature monitoring available in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Option to automatically save all incidents in separate log
  • Simple controls and GUI including color schemes
  • Easy and automatic software updates.
  • Ashampoo HDD Control License Key


  • Powerful, high-speed disk clean-up
  • Objects found can be configured and managed in shortcut menus
  • Objects found can be managed using intelligent filter mechanisms
  • New exception rules can be created manually or automatically
  • Supports the latest generation of browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
  • Wide range of options to customize configuration to meet user requirements
  • Ashampoo HDD Control Serial Key
  • High level of security thanks to years of experience and advanced cookie management


  • High-quality defragmentation performed to latest standards
  • Fully automatic ‘proactive’ defragmentation runs in background
  • Defragmentation algorithm with minimum impact on system performance
  • Range of defragmentation options (fast, normal, intelligent)
  • Parallel defragmentation of all drives and/or partitions
  • Comprehensive configuration and customization options
  • Monitoring
  • Self-monitoring, analysis, status reports on imminent failures
  • Evaluation of health and performance status of your hard drive(s)
  • Range of evaluation criteria available for customized configuration
  • Email alerts to notify user that condition of hard drive(s) has deteriorated and failure is imminent Ashampoo HDD Control Crack
  • Direct link to Windows event log
  • S.M.A.R.T. technology provides information on (if supported by drive):
  • Number of hours in operation and start-up processes
  • Start/stop processes of drive heads
  • Number of parking sequences for write/read units
  • Disk calibration attempts
  • Reallocations (in event of bad disk sectors)
  • Controller hard drive transfer rate (defective cable)
  • And many more Ashampoo HDD Control License Key
  • Temperature display including early warning of overheating


  • Identifies all values required to evaluate the performance of your hard drive(s)
  • Clearly structured GUI for performance evaluation (benchmark)
  • Online database link for direct comparison of your results with other systems
  • Clear presentation of information and values on:
  • min./max. data transfer rates
  • average data transfer rates
  • access times


Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 Crack Full Version [License Key] Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 Crack Full Version [License Key]

Serial: HD17A4-7716BA-7CDE08


  • Ram: Minimum 512 MB
  • Hard disk:  space45 MB

Download Link

Ashampoo HDD Control 2018 V3.20.00 Full Version Rar (16.4 MB) | Mirror

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