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ApowerMirror universal app that works in conjunction with two mobile iPhone & Android devices, displays and makes the photo/video screens, streaming Android and IOS screen data on a Windows or Mac computer.

What’s new?

  • Adds the function to mirror PC to TV.
  • Adds the function to connect via PIN code.
  • Adds the iOS connection notification.
  • Supports to mirror four devices simultaneously.
  • Adds the full-screen layout when connecting multiple devices.
  • Other fixes and improvements.


  • Mirror & Control Android screen: This application can display Android-devices on a computer screen or projector. Moreover, you can get full control of the screen with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Record and capture screen phone: This tool allows you to record all the actions on the phone with no problems. Nevertheless, it is able to take screenshots with one click at any time you want.
  • Show Android notifications on your PC: Once the new notification on your phone, such as call coming, the new message, or work email address, it will be displayed on the PC simultaneously. You will not miss important notifications when you’re working on your computer.
  • View the phone’s screen on your computer’s monitor: The purpose of ApowerMirror is to allow the user to stream phone content on a larger screen: the computer’s monitor. It gets a plus, as configuring the connection is not difficult, and everything can be ready in minutes.


ApowerMirror ApowerMirror

Download Link

ApowerMirror Full Version Rar (141.2 MB) | Mirror


    • 1. Click where it says ‘Apowersoft ApowerMirror 1.1.0 Full Version Rar’ (44.1 MB).

      2. Confirm that this is on the website dailyuploads.net, otherwise it is advertising and you should repeat the previous step, to make sure you are on the right site.

      3. Then, where is checked in the ‘fast download’ uncheck it,

      4. Click ‘Donwload’.

      5. Click ‘Download Now’.


      6. Open the rar file (you have to see an exe file and a folder)

      7. Install the exe file (memorize the folder where you installed the program)

      8. Go to the donwload (rar file) open it, copy the file (dll) and paste on the folder that you installed the program.

      9. enjoy the program

      KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid


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