Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO]


Acronis True Image 2018 Build 12510 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO]

Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO]

Acronis True Image 2019 Crack is a full-system image backup solution for your PC, Mac, mobile devices, and social network accounts. It can back up your documents, photos, email, and selected partitions, and even the entire disk drive, including operating system, applications, settings, and all of your data. Acronis True Image 2019 Key is an integrated backup and recovery software that ensures the security of all of the information on your PC.

Never Lose Another File The #1 Personal Backup Software. Create a reliable backup. Acronis True Image 2019 Crack Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files. Backups allow you to recover your computer system should a disaster occur, such as losing data, accidentally deleting critical files or folders, or suffering a complete hard disk crash.

Acronis True Image 2019 Crack

What’s new?

  • OneDrive folder was added to default backup exclusions.

Fixed issues:

  • Backup to a DVD Acronis True Image 2019 Crack disk fails, if the ‘Validate backup when it is created’ option is activated.
  • In bootable media environment disk restore from a backup split into several DVDs freezes at the ‘Recovering partition structure’ step.
  • When adding the first part of a backup split into several DVDs, the error ‘Failed to add the backup to the backup list. The backup may be locked or corrupted.’ appears.
  • Bootable media does not boot from a DVD if it was placed on this DVD during a backup with the ‘Place Acronis True Image on media’ option activated.

Known issues

  • [TI-119448] The message ‘The data you are trying to use is blocked at the moment. Please try again later.’ appears on backup deletion.
  • [TI-115928] The archiving operation fails with error ‘Write error’ after the computer is woken up from the sleep mode.
  • [TI-54006] Some files remain on the local PC after archiving if the Internet connection is lost for some time during the archiving operation.
  • [TI-102104] Acronis True Image 2019 Key Intel Stream x360 does not boot after recovery from a cloud backup.
  • [TI-100468] Acronis True Image 2019 Crack requests credentials for a mapped public network share during the backup destination selection.
  • [TI-111221] The ‘Do not back up on battery’ option is not shown in settings after installing a UPS.


  • Back up: Acronis True Image 2018 Key Use cloning and mirror imaging to make a duplicate of your system, capturing all of your data for disk migration or system recovery.
  • Store: Back up to a local Acronis True Image 2019 Crack drive and to the cloud for the Dual Protection of always having on-site and off-site copies available.
  • Restore: Quickly recover your whole system or a specific file with confidence, knowing that the backup is as good as the original.
  • Control your data: Back up in just two clicks, and view all your data and backup information in one place.
  • Easy to use and manage: Enjoy Acronis True Image 2019 Crack a simple, intuitive approach to backup, because safeguarding your data doesn’t need to be complicated.
  • Cover Everything: With one solution you can safeguard PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices as well as your social media accounts.
  • Two-Click Protection: Protect everything by choosing where to store your data and creating a full image backup in just two clicks.
  • Visual Dashboards: Know at a Acronis True Image 2019 Crack glance the size of your backup, the types of files, and how many ransomware attacks have been stopped.
  • Secure data against ransomware: Actively defend your data against ransomware attacks with the only backup that detects, stops and reverses unauthorized encryption.
  • Active Cloning: Clone an active Windows system directly to a USB external drive or local drive without stopping your system and restarting Windows using bootable media. You can create a snapshot of the active partition and Acronis True Image 2019 Crack boot directly from the new disk.
  • WinPE Media Builder: Easily create boot media to recover your system to the same or new hardware. Create a WinPE environment to quickly resolve driver configuration issues. Use the predetermined settings of Simple mode or customize your Media Builder preferences in Advanced mode.
  • Converts to Virtual Hard Drive: Test different programs and system settings, or run your system on a virtual machine by converting your full image backups into a virtual hard disk format. You can use all your programs and access Acronis True Image 2019 Crack files as normal within that virtual system, and you can run it without needing Acronis True Image 2018.
  • Changed-Block Tracker: Reduce the amount of time it takes for incremental and differential local image backups. Our technology monitors changes to an image in real-time, which can make incremental backups up to three-times faster for small changes (less than 30 percent of a disk).
  • Backup Activity and Statistics: Manage your data better using more visuals from a new Backup Activity and Statistics display. Track the status of backups, measure the file size and speed of backups, and view color-coded displays of Acronis True Image 2019 Crack the type of data stored.
  • Acronis Active Protection for all: Prevent ransomware from encrypting your files before it starts. Acronis Active Protection uses heuristic analysis and machine learning to detect, stop and reverse the effects of ransomware. Included in all editions of Acronis True Image 2018 Full, and a Mac-version is now available as well.
  • Security Dashboard: Monitor the number of processes that have been flagged as potentially dangerous, identify which ones were blocked, and manage a whitelist so your trusted applications can run uninterrupted. The dashboard provides metrics that show how Acronis True Image 2019 Crack Active Protection is defending your system.

Acronis True Image 2019 Key



Acronis True Image 2018 Build 12510 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO] Acronis True Image 2018 Build 12510 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO]

Important !

The activator can be used for all previous versions of Acronis True Image 2018 Key as well, also latest Media Add On & Boot CD is given with setup as well. :)

How to Activate ?

  1. Download True Image 2016 and activator from given link
  2. Disconnect internet!
  3. Install True Image, start it and use one of these keys
  4. Wait a few seconds, then terminate True Image
  5. Run ActivatorAcronisTIH.exe
    if you read “activation successful!” everything is ok
  6. You have done. Enjoy ! :)

Download Link

Acronis True Image 2019 ALL Version Activator Only Rar (5.9 MB) | Mirror

Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Full Version Rar (538.2 MB) | Mirror

Bootable ISO

Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Bootable ISO (636.6 MB) | Mirror

Acronis All in One Boot Disk 2018 WinPE 10 X64 Rar (406.7 MB) | Mirror

Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO] 1
Acronis True Image 2019 Build 13660 Crack + Key [Bootable ISO]


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